Copyediting & Copywriting

Copy that conveys your message -- and cuts to the chase

  • Guidebook Sample: Welcome to the Workforce -- I wrote this guidebook for recent college grads as they start their first jobs and become financially independent for the first time.
  • Copyediting Sample -- I rewrote the About Us section for the ARAG Group, making the content more clear and concise to better represent their brand.
  • Website Copywriting Sample  -- I wrote new copy and re-wrote existing sections for most of the ARAG Group website redesign -- including their new Find a Plan section for their entry into the individual market. I also provided keyword and user experience guidance on the site's labeling to better attract individual shoppers. 
  • Magazine Headline Sample -- I wrote the cover headlines for the one-year anniversary issue of Radiant Health Magazine.

Digital/User Experience Consulting

Helping you understand your users to better meet their needs

Personal Essays

Sharing insights from life's simple moments

General Interest Feature Writing

Thoughtful, engaging storytelling, celebrating the everyday

Health & Sustainability

Informative, honest, designed to inspire


Growing in the garden -- more than just how-to